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Premier Waste Recycling and education.


Our school guidebooks are full of recycling facts and ideas on how to recycle. We believe it’s important to get these key messages across to help create a sustainable future.

At Premier Waste Recycling, we forge links with schools to help pass on the recycling message. We also work with high profile universities, colleges and other academic institutions. Our aim is to spread the recycling message and improve recycling rates as much as possible. This forms an important part of our ethos and we’re proud of the work we do in this area.

Recycling For Children – Resources

Our leaflet on recycling for children was produced for use in schools. Useful as a guide for teachers and pupils alike, it’s full of tips and ideas to help schools reduce, reuse and recycle more. Written to help with the teaching of the National Curriculum, the leaflet features guidance on what can be recycled, as well as how different items are recycled.

We believe that it’s especially important to start children recycling and thinking about the environment from an early age. And the information in our leaflet makes recycling for kids simple. Using the information in our leaflet, schools can make big and small changes to help meet their environmental targets.

Links With Colleges and Universities

Our work in further and higher education involves setting up and sponsoring competitions to raise environmental awareness. We also give talks to colleges and universities, highlighting the importance of recycling and the environmental challenges we all face today. In universities, we create workgroups to focus on waste reduction and recycling.

If you would like more information on how to recycle in your school, college or university, please contact us. You can speak to one of our customer care team or request a leaflet.


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