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Wheeled bins against a wall.

Wheeled Bins

Our wheeled bins can be used for general trade waste, single recycling streams or mixed recycling collections. Bag collections are also available for producers of smaller waste volumes.

The wheeled bins we supply are available in many sizes, including custom made options.


Our wheeled bins are suitable for a wide variety of waste types including; general trade waste, single waste stream recycling, dry mixed recycling (DMR), compactable waste and even food waste (240L bins only.) They are not recommended for use with hazardous materials.

Suitable for cardboard.Suitable for confidential waste.Suitable for food waste.Suitable for garden waste.Suitable for metals.Suitable for mixed glass.Suitable for mixed recycling.Suitable for non-recyclable waste.Suitable for paper.Suitable for plastics.Suitable for textiles.

Options Include

  • 240L
  • 360L
  • 660L
  • 1100L
  • Bag collection
  • Custom made containers

To find out more about our wheeled bins and bags, please contact us.



We can help you understand the waste management regulations that apply to your business.

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