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An enclosed skip containing hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste needs to be disposed of safely and securely. Premier Waste Recycling are specialists in hazardous waste disposal.

Certain products can pose a risk to human health or the environment if not disposed of correctly. We specialise in the disposal of hazardous waste and can provide services to help you get rid of everything from asbestos to clinical waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal and Regulations

Premier Waste Recycling are experts in hazardous waste disposal. We’ll provide you with the correct bins and containers for the safe disposal of your waste. We’ll also help you keep up to date with current guidelines and legislation to be sure that you stay safe, secure and compliant. Our dedicated customer care team and experienced waste handlers ensure that managing your waste is simple and hassle-free, whatever your needs.

Industrial Waste and More

Collecting hazardous industrial waste is just one of the ways we help businesses right across the UK. In addition to hazardous waste collections, we are able to collect and process most waste streams, giving you a complete and flexible service. This could include collecting paper recycling from admin areas or food waste from canteens.

If you need to work on meeting your waste targets, we can carry out comprehensive audits and on-going monitoring. We can help your facility improve on recycling, reusing and waste reduction rates, and whilst this helps the environment, it can also make your budget stretch further, too.

All our waste solutions are highly cost effective and our national network of haulage and facilities gives us the infrastructure to ensure total reliability for collections.

Simply contact us to find out more about our work in healthcare or how we can help you.


We can help you understand the waste management regulations that apply to your business.

Environment & Legislation


Our school guidebooks are full of recycling facts and innovative ideas on how to recycle.

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