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A Premier Waste household waste recycling centre.

Household Waste Recycling

Working in partnership with our parent company HW Martin, our Household Waste Recycling Centres are essential for the safe and environmentally-friendly disposal of all kinds of waste streams.

Premier Waste Recycling operate a number of successful household waste recycling centres (HWRC’s) all over the UK. Run on behalf of local authorities, they offer a safe and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of waste. These valuable facilities form an essential service for the public. We work to best practice principles and all our sites are compliant with both health and safety and environmental legislation.

Our Recycling Centres

From small rural recycling centres to very large urban facilities, we can effectively manage household waste recycling centres of all sizes. There’s no limit to the contracts we can take on – our largest centres receive over 20,000 tonnes of waste per year. We offer complete management of these sites, including the transport of commodities and the provision of recycling systems.

Recycling Centre Aims

We aim to continuously improve recycling rates at each recycling centre, helping local authorities meet their environmental targets. To achieve this, we invest in staff training, development and management to ensure our staff interact with the public when they enter the facility. Like everyone who works for Premier Waste Recycling, our HWRC personnel are trained in high levels of customer service. And by engaging members of the public, our staff can encourage visitors to return and to continue recycling.

Having highly trained staff also helps us react quickly when legislation changes or when the demands of our clients change. They are also better placed to deal with busy periods, meaning our centres run smoothly whatever the level of demand.

We work closely with every local authority to ensure our centres offer sustainable solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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