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Refuse derived fuel.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

RDF technology is essential for diverting waste from landfill. Our energy from waste programme is just another way we help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

RDF, or Refuse Derived Fuel, uses a technology that produces energy from waste that’s unsuitable for traditional recycling. Without this method of energy recovery, non-recyclable refuse would simply be sent to landfill or be incinerated – with a negative impact on the environment.

RDF captures the energy in non-recyclable waste and turns it into a replacement for fossil fuels like coal or oil. Our commitment to this technology gives us (and our customers) additional environmental credentials. It’s just another strategy we use to help our customers reduce their carbon footprints and meet their energy targets.

Premier Waste Recycling will collect and deliver your waste to our RDF Plant, ensuring your organisation minimises its impact on the environment as much as possible.

Energy From Waste Plants

At Energy From Waste Plants, refuse goes through a range of processes. The first stage is to remove any material that can be recycled, such as metals, wood or cardboard. This material is sent to be recycled in the standard way. The remaining waste is usually mainly organic, plastic and biodegradable rubbish which is then processed to form the end product. RDF is used world-wide to produce electricity by burning it alongside traditional fuel-types in power stations. It can also be used in the cement industry.

The benefits of harnessing this otherwise wasted energy are clear. Our RDF facility eliminates around 66,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gases (carbon dioxide, methane etc.) from being emitted every year from the burning of fossil fuels. Not only that, but also every tonne of waste we divert from landfill eliminates 0.54 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent from being emitted in landfill gas. This is a significant saving of greenhouse gas emissions and we’re proud to be investing in and using this technology.

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