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Premier Waste employees providing total on site waste management services.

Total Waste Management

Total Waste Management is our most complete waste solution. It’s the seamless waste services package that’s ideal for larger sites.

Our total on-site waste management services are just that – total waste management programmes for factories, retail parks, schools and more. Premier Waste Recycling work on a number of these large contracts for major sites throughout our operating area.

We take a broad and complete approach to managing all your waste streams, collecting and processing them efficiently and reliably. Our clients benefit from seamlessly integrated services and the benefit of our extensive experience. Our complete approach ensures the best possible value for money and the minimum of fuss.

Complete Waste Disposal Management

Our complete waste disposal management service uses our experience, facilities and the latest technologies to deliver excellent service. By taking charge of all your waste management requirements, we can see the bigger picture. This means we can select systems and procedures that work for you. It also means we can maximise use of the equipment and labour we provide, offering a streamlined, great value approach.

Total Waste Management and Recycling

Complete on site waste management and recycling covers everything you need to get your waste organised and taken off site. This will involve the provision of bins and containers with organised collections. All glass, paper, card, wood, metal cans and plastic will be taken for recycling at our facility. Any additional refuse will be taken to our RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Plant for energy recovery. In this way, you can be sure that partnering with Premier Waste Recycling is an environmentally sound option.

Our Total On Site Waste Management involves more than just providing the right bins and collections. It can also include:

  • Waste audits
  • Waste segregation
  • Air lift systems
  • On site bailing
  • Compaction machines
  • Supply and control of documentation
  • Waste minimisation initiatives
  • Reporting on waste targets
  • Advice about relevant legislation and your duty of care

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We can help you understand the waste management regulations that apply to your business.

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Our school guidebooks are full of recycling facts and innovative ideas on how to recycle.

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