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Manufacturing & Industrial

The safe disposal of industrial waste is key for any manufacturer. We offer a range of services, including advice on hazardous waste legislation.

Industrial waste can take many forms, including everything from hazardous waste to large quantities of mixed recycling. Premier Waste Recycling can collect, process and recycle a wide range of waste streams. This ensures that your needs are met, whatever you produce and however big your operation. We work closely with manufacturers to devise safe and effective strategies for managing:

  • Packaging waste
  • Environmental waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Industrial waste

Our ongoing commitment to the environment means we work hard to meet and exceed our energy targets. We use the latest technology and highly efficient systems to divert the maximum amount of waste from landfill. And with our help, you can identify, monitor and keep on top of your own environmental targets.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste – the Legislation

The disposal of hazardous waste is a specialist area – and one that Premier Waste Recycling are experts in. We understand and can guide you through the hazardous waste legislation.  This helps your business stay up to date and compliant.

Industrial Waste Bins

We can supply industrial waste bins and containers for all sizes of manufacturing operations. These can include large bins and skips for general waste disposal or the recycling of both individual and mixed waste streams. On-site compaction equipment can be provided for large quantities of dry, bulky waste and we can even supply air-lift equipment where needed.

We work with each individual business to provide the most suitable equipment and collection schedule possible – this way, our clients can enjoy a completely bespoke service that suits their needs exactly. For large sites, we offer a total on site waste management service, which takes care of every aspect of your waste requirements.

To find out more about specialist waste management for industry and manufacturing, please contact us.


We can help you understand the waste management regulations that apply to your business.

Environment & Legislation


Our school guidebooks are full of recycling facts and innovative ideas on how to recycle.

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