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Materials Recovery Facility featured in Sheffield University Film

HW Martin Waste Ltd’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Leeds has been featured in a recent series of videos filmed by the University of Sheffield. The MRF is operated by the parent company of Premier Waste Recycling Ltd (PWR), which has the contract to provide waste and recycling collection services to the university.

As part of an ongoing initiative to promote awareness of recycling among students living in its halls of residence, the university has created a series of short films in which students explain the need for recycling and how the recycling bin system works. The involvement of PWR in the initiative has included the introduction of new, easy-to-understand recycling signs and receptacles coupled with the capacity to accept a wide range of recyclable materials at the MRF.

Filming was undertaken at the Leeds MRF and the video can be seen below. It shows some of the state-of-the-art technology used to sort and separate the many different types of recyclable materials. The result of the process is the creation of bales of high-quality product for re-introduction to the manufacturing sector.

Kim Aukland, Student Liaison Officer at PWR, commented: “The initiative that the university has started still has some way to go, but we have already seen an increase in the amount of recyclable material being sent to the MRF. This is a sign that it is working and shows the great strides the university and its students are taking in meeting their environmental responsibilities.”

Click here to view the You Tube video.