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Premier Waste Recycling Extends its Relationship with the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield confirmed recently it will be extending its successful recycling partnership with Premier Waste Recycling Ltd (PWR). Since May 2013 PWR has been providing a complete waste and recycling service for the University’s central Sheffield campus and its halls of residence.

Yorkshire-based PWR recycles over 1,000 tonnes of the University’s waste materials every year, as well as making sure its non-recyclable waste does not end up in landfill, instead being turned into a fuel to generate electricity. The company runs a daily collection service and provides the University of Sheffield with 600 bins and containers, with a further 30 skips and compaction equipment.

The existing contract is due to run for another year, but the University is so pleased with what it is achieving alongside PWR it has already extended the contract to 2021.

Phil Darwin, General Manager for PWR, explained how the success is being achieved: “It’s all about a genuine partnership – both PWR and the University of Sheffield are clear on where we want to be in terms of recycling performance and we work together to get there. An important element of that is clear and consistent communications; getting the message across about recycling and then providing the means for people to do it.

“The University drives forward programmes on sustainability, environmental impact reduction, energy efficiency and carbon management and we at PWR play our part in that in terms of waste reduction and increasing recycling. It’s exciting to see the knowledge and vigour the University puts into these programmes and we at Premier Waste Recycling are proud to be part of it.”

Charlotte Winnert, Environment Officer for Estates and Facilities Management at the University of Sheffield, echoed Phil’s comments: “It has worked well these past five years with Premier Waste Recycling, they have certainly helped us work towards achieving our environmental targets. They genuinely want to help us increase our recycling and reduce the amount of waste the sites generate. It is good to have them involved and I am pleased that the University has extended the relationship.”

PWR operates from facilities in West Yorkshire and Durham, providing recycling and waste management services to businesses, universities, colleges, NHS trusts and other organisations across Yorkshire and the North-East. It is part of the Derbyshire-based Martin Group of companies, which deliver services for government bodies, local authorities and the private sector nationwide.